2016 Fall Programs


This fall, Walgreens has generously donated a closed building to Project HOOD. The following 6 components will make up the bulk of our programming in our new space:

ProjectHood Innovation - A hub for Southside tech startups with the tools they need to grow their businesses. There will be space for new businesses to collaborate and innovate together.

Entrepreneur school where young professionals can learn the keys to starting and expanding their business ideas. The startups from Project Tech will hear from leaders of the tech industry and other established business leaders.

Youth mentoring and tutoring programs for youth aged 6-17 with an emphasis on math, science, and technology. These programs will be led by young adults from within our community so the effect is two-fold: younger kids experience mentorship and young adults learn leadership and responsibility.

ProjectHood Media - This includes ProjectHood Radio, ProjectHood Press, and ProjectHood Films. Youth will engage in all aspects of our media production to learn the basics while promoting positive non-violent messages.

A Trade School where young adults can explore different trade career paths. We will include schools on carpentry, automotive, and others.

ProjectHood Cafe will train and teach youth customer service, hospitality, and how to execute a plan for a food service business.